Why write about walking?

Writing about walking sounds mundane. After all, walking is something most people do out of necessity–usually to get from here to there. But walking with intention–walking to notice, to experience the surrounding world, to be–is a less frequent occurrence. Why go out of the way to put so much thought into something that can be done mindlessly and for a single purpose? One reason is that walking can serve so much more than the purpose of necessity. Indeed, walking is activity; it is meditation; it is observation, inspiration, and immersion in the world that is all around. Writing about it only solidifies the experience, a sentiment that Anais Nin aptly expressed when she said that “we write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospection.”

Numerous studies have suggested a link between walking and both physical and mental well-being, but the benefits are tangible without ever having read the research. Taking time out of hectic days to be outside and move about is refreshing on many levels. It provides time and space for thought and reflection or simply peering through nature’s looking glass.

Admittedly, many of my own walks are, in fact, multi-hour hikes, and some turn into short climbs or jogs. But they all occupy the same space in my mind that says, “This is good–this is fun!” and they make me want to keep moving. I invite you to share in these walks and other walking-related content on this site, for there is more beyond walking than the walk itself.



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