14697205469_259b86f48f_kNot too long ago, I realized that I was doing a lot of walking–certainly much more than a person needs to in order to get through the day. As a teacher, I’m on my feet most of the day, but it’s not the same as being on my feet walking somewhere. And yet oftentimes, I take both types of being up and about for granted. The details of some of the hikes I’ve taken had started to blur together, just like the plots and characters of so many movies I’ve seen and still can’t keep straight.

So, Beyond Walking is a site dedicated to–you guessed it, walking! But there is more than that–more beyond the walk, if you will. There the places it takes you, the people it introduces you to, the increased activity it inspires (hiking, running, backpacking, etc.). Join me as I discuss walks and what I (and my husband Chris, who walks with me) find along the way; evaluate hikes; share photographs; and dig up new books, articles, and ideas about walking and the world it encourages me to explore.

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