Planned Walks, ie, Hiking Vacations

Guidebooks galore.

Everyday hiking and walking, as in the sort I might do after work or on the weekend, requires little or no planning. Obviously it’s important to make sure storms aren’t imminent, or trails aren’t closed for some reason, but beyond that, it’s easy just to pick up and go.

Trip planning is different – somewhat. Certainly I treat it differently, in that I take care to note which trails are “must do,” which look like nice backups, and so on. But in some ways, it ends up being similar to everyday experiences due to such factors as unexpected weather and individual whims.

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First Day Hikes

Hiking on January 1st has been a tradition for me for several years. Actually, being active outdoors seems to be my trend on “fireworks holidays” – the 4th of July and New Year’s. When I was in high school, there were several 4ths when I’d go for long(ish, at the time, 13-14 miles) bike rides from my then-hometown to the Delaware River. I’ve also hiked on some 4ths, starting with Mount Diablo in the Bay Area about four years ago. These two “fireworks holidays” are great for so many reasons. They’re on opposite sides of the year, and so guarantee diverse weather conditions; they are largely obligation free–you can do as much or as little as you like; and, of course, they include fireworks!

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A Week Before Glacier

Mind the gap.

This past winter was long, and it was far too cold to be outside very much. May was our first snow-less month, but to be fair, since then, we have had gorgeous weekend after gorgeous weekend.

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